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About Us


Our Story

Hannah Lindsey and Lauren Powell are co founders of New Song Company. They  are first cousins who are closest of friends and stay super busy with life, but love every minute of it. They  love to laugh and live every day the Lord gives them to the fullest! New Song Company's goal is to design CUTE, QUALITY apparel, and spread the joy we have in Christ! Hannah and Lauren also sing together in the gospel group named "The Lindseys." Hannah is a pastors wife and mother of three, and Lauren is a singer in two gospel groups "The Lindseys" and "The Powells."   Fun fact:  Between "The Lindseys" and "The Powells" they  have 7 albums on all streaming platforms, and love to go live on their facebook  pages together!  You can  check out their music on and , as well as follow them on  social media The Lindseys.

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